parents gone for the night

you know what that means

*lets in stray cats*

party time


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scoot scoot scoot

Look at this cute little fucker go

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14 Insanely Specific Demi Lovato Reaction GIFs: Perfect for times when you’re creeping on someone’s Instagram or when somebody toots in the elevator.

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marry someone whose laughter sounds better than your favorite song

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His character was golden and the only reason to watch that train wreck

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I hope you all find someone who gives you cute names and tells you it’s adorable when you do embarrassing things and hugs you when it’s early in the morning and makes you feel like you have a whole disneyland fireworks show going off inside your body and never ever lets you go 

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"Firstly, I’m glad you survived. I don’t know how you can stand all that water. Secondly, come here. You washed off my scent."

accurate caption is accurate

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part time humor blogger part time selfie blogger

more like full time humor blogger because your selfies are a joke


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Daytona Beach father beats man he found raping child, police say

A Daytona Beach father who walked in on a man sexually battering his 11-year-old son Friday said he did what he had a right to do and beat the man unconscious leaving him in a puddle of blood, according to a 9-1-1 call.

“I just walked in a grown man molesting …,” the upset father told a dispatcher. “And I got him in a bloody puddle for you officer.”

Police responding to the Daytona Beach home at 1:07 a.m. Friday after the father called them found Raymond Frolander, 18, of Holly Hill lying motionless on the living room floor. Frolander had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth, an arrest report shows.

The 35-year-old unidentified father told police that he walked in on Frolander and interrupted him as Frolander sexually battered the boy.

Asked if any weapons were involved, the father said “my foot and my fist.”

“I didn’t proceed to ask him any questions sir,” the father said. “He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you. I drug him out to the living room.”

Asked if the man was injured, the father said he believed Frolander needed help.

“Send an ambulance. He is going to need one,” the father said.

This is literally the only thing you can do in the situation short of actual murder.

“He stood up and his pants were around his ankles and nothing else needed to be said,” the father said. “I did whatever I got a right to do except I didn’t kill him.”

“You are damn lucky boy that I love my God,” the man said on the telephone to 9-1-1.”

I’m glad he did that

This guy is my hero. Not because he whooped this dude’s ass…he deserved that. But because he was able to stop himself short of killing him and then called the police. Not sure if I would have been able to do that..

How do you even get somebody’s face like that ?

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write my tombstone in emojis


damn it

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Words of Emotion

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water jet cutting an apple in half

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i found my sisters old fb……

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